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[sticky post] Prompt Post 1

Please read through all the rules before posting. Posts that do not comply with the rules may be deleted if necessary.

Kink Meme Rules:

  • You may post prompts, fills and comments anonymously or not, it is your choice. If you choose to un-anon, you may post fills here or elsewhere and post the link here.

  • You may prompt whatever you like, fanfic/fanart/fanvid/etc. If the prompter doesn't specify, assume it's for fic. The prompts can contain characters, pairings, crossover fandoms, kinks, plot ideas, quotes, crack, etc.

  • Only one prompt per post.

  • Read prompts before you post to see if someone else has prompted something similar. You are welcome to second prompts.

  • Multiple fills are encouraged.

  • All prompts should have "Prompt:" in the beginning of the subject. All fills (fic or otherwise) should have "Fill:" in the beginning of the subject. If for some reason you forget, don't worry about it, it happens. Just go back to your post and comment with ^Prompt Above or ^Fill Above. This makes it a lot easier for people skimming through the meme.

  • Please nest your fills, for help read this lovely post

  • Once you have filled, please head over to the Filled Prompt Post and follow the directions there. I know this is an extra step, but it makes things much easier in the long run and your fill will not be added to Delicious Masterlist if you do not.

  • Please include a warning in the subject for anything that might be a squick, trigger, or spoiler. Triggers may include, but are not limited to, non-con, dub-con, mpreg, incest, character death, self-harm, etc.

  • RPF is allowed, but again should be labeled in the subject.

  • This is a kink meme, there will likely be prompts that will offend you in someway. If you have an issue with a prompt, please discuss it on the rant post. Flaming and kinkshaming will not be tolerated.

Important Links:Any questions, issues, concerns, or suggestions should be posted here.


Any questions/concerns/suggestions should be posted here. If you are at all uncertain of the rules or how to post, feel free to ask for clarification. If you notice any issues, please bring them to my attention. You are also welcome to PM or email me, just make sure to put POI Kink in the subject.


Love Post

Did you just read an amazing fic that you have to talk about? Are you thrilled that your prompt got filled? Did the latest episode fill you with squee? If so, feel free to comment and share the love.


Rant Post

This is a place to post any issues with prompts, or any other complaints with the meme or the fandom in general.

Only one rule: Do not call anyone out by name.


Discussion Post

This a post for anything off topic to the kink meme. You may use this to discuss canon, ask for help with a fic, talk about kinks, etc. You are welcome to post anonymously or not, just keep things civil and no flaming, bashing, or kinkshaming.


Filled Prompts

Fillers: Please comment here with a link to your fill using the format below. I will then add your fill to the Kink Meme Masterlist. If your fill moves, or you later un-anon, you may reply to your fill post here with that info.

Anyone else: This is not the place for comments or feedback. Do that on the actual meme post.

Any questions, issues, concerns, or suggestions should be posted here.

Title: [where available]
Prompt: [or a short description if the prompt is too long]
Pairing(s): [Character 1/Character 2, Character 1 & Character 2, or gen]
Status: [complete, incomplete, WIP]

Prompt URL:
Fill URL:
Page: [what page of the meme it's on]

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